NEPSAC Code of Ethics

As a member of the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC), bat365 adheres to a specific Code of Ethics and Conduct, which applies to all NEPSAC athletes, 教练, 官员, 和观众. Family and friends are welcome to attend games, provided they abide by the following rules:

Spectators — whether students, 教师, 父母, 校友, or friends — bear the important responsibility to the school for the atmosphere and conduct of games, whether home or away.

Spectators should watch games from those areas defined by each school as spectator areas.

Spectators must not run up and down the sidelines, 呼叫玩家, 教练, or 官员 in any unsportsmanlike manner, go onto the field of play, or deface property.

Any action that detracts from the ability of 教练, 球员, and/or 官员 to do their best is not acceptable.